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4. Plantation   Labour   Act, 1951  (Central  Act w.e.f. 02-11-51)

Object An Act to provide for welfare of plantation labour and to regulate the conditions of work in plantations of Coffee, Tea, Rubber, Cinchona, Cardamom, oil palm and coca. 
Applicability Applies to the plantation of 5 hectares and more and in which 15 or more persons are employed. Plantation includes offices, hospitals, dispensaries, schools, and any premises used for any purpose connected with such plantation. 
Registration Application for registration to be made in Form-IA to the concerned Labour Officer.  The registration fee varies from Rs. 150/- to Rs. 3,000/- depends upon the area as follows:


Sl. No.

Area of plantation:

Rate of fees


Up to 4 hectares



5 hectares but not exceeding 10 hectares



Exceeding 10 hectares but not exceeding 24 hectares



Exceeding 25 hectares but not exceeding 50 hectares



Exceeding 50 hectares but not exceeding 75 hectares



Exceeding 75 hectares but not exceeding 100 hectares



Exceeding 100 hectares but not exceeding 150 hectares



Exceeding 150 hectares



The plantation workers are entitled for leave with wages, sickness and maternity benefit, health, house  accommodation, educational facilities, etc. Penalties are prescribed in the act for violations.


Rules 1. Plantation Labour (Karnataka) Rules, 1956 – applies to the whole of Karnataka deals with conditions and facilities to be provided to plantation labour.



Important Registers to be maintained under the Plantation Labour (Karnataka) Rules, 1956, are


(i)     Adult workers register; - Form 12

(ii)    Non-Adult workers register; - Form 13

(iii)    Leave book - Form 15

(iv)    Leave with wages - Form 17

 (v)    Muster Roll - Form 11

The Karnataka Plantation (Welfare Officers) Rules, 1978, applies to the whole State of Karnataka – deals with appointment of ‘Welfare Officer’.  One Welfare Officer required to be appointed for every 300 or more plantation labour.  In case of workers employed exceeds 1200, an additional welfare officers be appointed.  Where more than one welfare officer are there in plantation, one of them shall be designated as Chief Welfare Officer.


Purpose When to submit Form/Return By whom To whom Relevant Section / Rule
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
Annual Return On or Before 31st January of every year Form 16 Every Employer Senior Inspector of Labour (Plantation of the concerned area)

Rule 84

Annual Return Not later than 15th Febuary of the scceeding year Form 17 - leave with wages

Form 18 - Creches

Form 19 - Canteens

Form 20 - Maternity benefits

- " - - " - -
Half yearly progress reports in Duplicate By 31st January and 31st July every year Form 4 - House accomodation - " - - " - Rule 48


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