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2. The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946. (Central Act w.e.f. 23-04-46)

Object The employers are required to formally define the conditions of employment and to make the said conditions known to the workmen employed by them.
Applicability This Act applies to industrial establishments employing 50 and more workers (Karnataka amendment) to define formally conditions of employment and make the said conditions known to workmen.  Certification of Standing Orders (Conditions of Employment) Application in Form I may be made to the certifying officer, i.e., DLC of the concerned area for certifying Standing Orders.  Display of Copy of standing order for the benefit of workers is necessary.  But, the IT / Software units are exempted from this Act up to 9-3-2001.
Rules (1) Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Central Rules, 1946 Applicable to all Union Territories and to industrial establishments under the control of the Central Government or Railways or Ports, Mines and Oil fields.
  (2) The Karnataka Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Rules, 1961 which applies to all the units in the State of Karnataka. Model Standing Orders are given in schedule 1 of the Rules which can be adopted by the establishment with suitable modifications and the same may be submitted to the certifying officer i.e., DLC of concerned area.


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