Minimum wages Gazette Notifications:


>>Minimum wages Gazette Notification on Areca Nut


>> Minimum Wages Gazette Notification On Beedi


>> Minimum wages Gazette Notification on Brass,Copper, Aluminium and Steel Utensils manufacturing Industry-Gazette


>> Minimum wages Gazette Notification on pulp paper card board strawboard news print


>> Minimum Wages Gazette Notification on Sericulture-1-Gazette


>> Minimum wages Gazette Notification Shops and Commercial Establishments


>> Minimum Wages gazete Notification on Tailoring Spinnigmills Withdrawn Notification



>> Beedi Making

>> Biscut Manufacturing


>>Bricks Industry


>> Chemical Industry


>> Chincona, Rubber, Tea or Coffe Plantations (Non-Staff)


>>Chincona, Rubber, Tea or Coffe Plantations (Staff)


>>Confectionery Industry


>> Co-operative societies


>>Cordamom Malais and Cardamom Gardens


>>Cotton Ginning and Pressing Manufacturing


>>Crystal Cutting, Polishing and Ornament Manufcture


>>Employment not covered in any of the Sheduled Employments


>>Granite Stones and Marbles Industry


>>Khandasari Sugar Factory


>>Mandakki Bhatti


>>Metal roling and Re-rolling [Non-Ferrous] Industry


>>Metal rolling and Re-rolling [Ferrous] Industry


>>Rubber Products (including Foam and coir Rubberised pRoducts) Industry




>>Tiles Industry


>>Tobacco Prossing


>>Toddy Tapping


>>Wood Work Including Carpentary and Saw Mill Industry


>>Agriculture works

>>Engineering Industry

>> cashew-Final Notification