• To approve the location of the factories, building plan and layout keeping in mind the requirement of lighting, movement of space, ventilation, the activities around the factory and habitation.
  • To register all the factories falling under the purview of the Act and issues Licenses to engage in manufacturing activities.
  • To oversee the aspect of safety, health and welfare of the workers employed in the registered factories.
  • To investigate the accidents; to impart training and advise the management and the workers to create awareness in respect of various legislations enforced by the department by organizing workshops / seminars.
  • To conduct enquiries on complaints received from the workers, trade unions and general public.
  • To recognize and authorize the competent persons to conduct tests and examinations of the dangerous equipment, machineries used in the industries.
  • To prescribe the methods to be adopted for compulsory disclosure of information about the hazardous processes.
  • To assess the measures established for monitoring the work environment.
  • To guide the management in preparation of safety policy, onsite emergency plan and preparedness procedures.
  • To assist the district administration in preparation and implementation of comprehensive off site emergency plan for the district and also the district disaster management control plan.
  • To ensure timely payment of earned wages to the workers employed in the factories.
  • To identify the unregistered factories and to bring them under the purview.
  • To identify the closed and shifted industries and to affect renewal of their names form the list of factory by de-registration process.
  • Collection and compilation of Half yearly returns and Yearly returns and to make available required statistics to State Govt., Central Govt. and Other service Organizations.
  • Inspection of safety of the workers engaged in building and other construction activities involves the cost of Rs. 25.00 crores and above.
  • To organize seminars to builders, construction and developers to create awareness in respect of implementation of Building and other constructions workers Act 1996, and to conduct capacity building programmes to departmental officers.